about this website

I created this blog, a space without advertisement, or statistics, or comments, as a place to freely express my human experience without the inhibitions of social pressure and agenda. I also wanted this creative work to be public because I so often find myself inspired and drawn to the bright and brilliant creative people in this world who share their own humanity and struggles through their public art. My goal here is to return to that place of self-expression in my own way, in my own art form.

I have been creating blogs for myself since my father taught me how to make an HTML website that became a miniscule household news blog (called “The Dover Daily News” in Dover, NJ) when I was 12 years old. Given all of this, I am excited to freely and happily mix words and drawings, grief and joy, and programming the blog, all into one place. And here you are!

about corissa haury

I’m a 32 year old programmer, writer, and cisgender bisexual woman currently living in Maine, USA. I work in data analytics as a quality assurance engineer and have a passion for learning about data science. I also love great fiction, in many different forms, and talking about what a meaningful story is with just about anyone.

Currently I work from home and spend most of my time with my family: my husband, two cats, and two dogs. I have diagnosed PTSD, which is something I’ve only recently had diagnosed in 2020, and identified it as the center of many of my struggles with depression and habitual trauma responses. When I was younger and going through the trauma, I expressed myself with a lot of personal writing and fiction that I did not know at the time was highly personal. This included some drawing.

Along with my love of art and its expression of the human experience, there are creators like Beatrix Potter who wrote and drew their stories that inspire me. I have always loved expressing my emotions and my experience through creativity, and I want to lean into the depth of that expression more now.

about the site theme

You can find the source code for the original hitchens theme on GitHub. You can also find my edits which include some minor CSS changes: hitchens-co. This site uses Github Pages and jekyll.